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Gold Profosyonel La Karar Erik Orta Mey


The trend of publishing idea books (books that argue in favor of a central, seemingly narrow, thesis) has grown in the past decade, from Malcolm Gladwell's The Tipping Point (and others) to Cheap Heath's Made to Stick to Nassim Taleb's The Black Swan to James Surowiecki's The Wisdom of Crowds. Besides structure, they all have in common the ability to raise discussion about the idea they champion. (This may stem from their rather poor academic standard and their mostly qualitative rather than quantitative arguments.) In Everything Bad is Good for You, Steven Johnson argues that what many Western people perceive as an increasingly dumb popular culture, expressed in new media such as television, Internet, and gaming, is in fact an increasingly complex culture that expresses in complex socio-technical ways incomparable with the expression of the past. Johnson argues that, while the top-of-the-class for these new media would not be much better than the equivalent in "old" media (traditional writing), the average would be much better---he calls this effect the "sleeper curve". He sets out to compare structurally (systemically) rather than semiotically the contents of TV programs and computer games over the past four decades, and argues through anecdotal evidence that an evolution in the complexity of these shows exists. He also argues that decision making and understanding are skills that are more actively required by the new media of the 2000s, as TV shows and computer games become tied to an economic model that requires replay rather than one-time experience. In the remainder of the book, Johnson steps into speculation territory and tries to link the increase in the complexity of pop culture expression to non-so-well-documented increases in the ability of the general population to solve problems (increases in the average IQ over time) and to interact. In other words, he tries to argue that the increased media complexity, and bombarding with it our kids and average Joes, are responsible for making our kids and average Joes more able in solving problems and in interacting with each other. It's possible, but the argument presented in this book does not explore enough alternative hypotheses and it is not sound enough to be acceptable. An informed reader could raise many issues about the arguments formulated in this book. Since many of these arguments are just rehashes of the old (ironically, Internet-based) debates that preceded the book, I will refrain from stating them. In hindsight, computer games have not continued their evolution towards complexity; in fact, the most popular games in 2010 were FarmVille and Mafia Wars, two casual games that tone down and popularize (trivialize?) the complexity of previous games such as SimCity (discussed in Everything Bad is Good for You). Although series such as The Big Bang Theory started with poli-faceted characters and unexpected plot turns, their later seasons have turned to more stereotypical characters and plots. Perhaps we are witnessing a dumbing down of the new media, after all? Herher, at least the IQs of my friends seem to be still growing. Overall, an interesting book but I'm not sure it brings forth something new, either in the topic or in the argument.

2020-09-08 05:49


First, I must confess that my taste in fantasy is limited. This has resulted in my getting through perhaps the first three or four chapters of a book before placing it back on the shelf to be forgotten. There are many, many books on that shelf. Once in a while, though, I find one that I can truly enjoy. Those books are placed on a different shelf; the one that holds my Tolkien collection, my copies of `Watership Down,' `Wind in the Willows,' and `The Complete Calvin and Hobbes' (my book collection is not very well organized). `The Legend of Witch Bane' is presently sitting on my chair-side table, and I have just completed it. As a lover of the Classics, I must say that I haven't enjoyed a YA book so much since `The Hobbit.' The author, Kevis Hendrickson, has not only mastered the narrative style of writing (which I most enjoy), he has recalled the gems of the `Age of Story-telling.' At times, `Legend' reads like a favorite fairy tale, at times it feels more like classic mythology, but it is always told TO the reader. I believe that's what I like the most about it. I can hear Mr. Hendrickson's `voice' throughout. This is a wonderful book for older children. It is also a wonderful book for adults who enjoy a gentle, yet intriguing tale. Now...lest you be thinking that `Legend' concerns bunnies and warm, fuzzy things, I will correct you on that point. There are definite dark elements, beginning with the very first chapter, and they are well developed. There is heart-wrenching conflict, betrayal, and despair. There is not, however, the jolting, screaming violence characteristic of many works of modern fantasy. The world of the Northern Realm is beautiful and well-imagined, peopled with entertaining and believable fantasy creatures (some of which you may `recognize' from your favorite childhood tales). The illustrations are a delight. There is whimsy and gentle humor to temper the treachery and self-serving nature of Evil Queen Rhiannon, who is a very frightening presence. Ultimately, this is a story about the power of love. There is a definite art to story-telling. One must hold the reader's interest, but if a story is too fast-paced, it cannot be savored. Characters must be real, believable, and identifiable...and, it helps if at least some of them are loveable, especially in a YA book. Descriptions must be effective; not too lengthy, but sufficient to place the reader in the scene. `Legend' is a thumbs-up on all points. It is not a difficult read, an asset in a book aimed at younger readers. I plan to read it to my six-year-old godchild. If you prefer a book that reads like a screenplay with punchy, `modern' dialogue, you might not like this one. If you can open your mind and recall your favorite tales, the ones you loved of old, then you'll have a very pleasant experience curling up with this book. If you're like me, and love the Classics, you'll be enthralled. `Legend' is well written, and that is crucial to its effectiveness, but what makes it a true stand-out is that it's a tale well told. Mr. Hendrickson, you are a bard!

2020-08-24 06:29

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