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Tarih LYS Soru Hazinesi


Endgame is the sixth and final book in the Sirantha Jax series by Ann Aguirre. Over the series we have seen Jax find love, loose people she loves, fight wars and travel Grimspace, a place where people can travel faster than light. La’heng is a planet that was discovered by humans many years ago. In order to colonize the planet and make the hostile natives more compliant humans let loose a gas. This had the disastrous effect of making all of the native beings on La’heng reliant on the humans. If a La’hengrin didn’t have a human to be their protector they would die. The humans took full advantage of this and forced the La’hengrin into being their slaves. In book 1 Grimspace Jax meets Loras and unwittingly becomes his protector only to leave him to die later on. In book 5 Aftermath Jax discovers Loras isn’t dead and to help her right the wrong of leaving Loras to die she employs a scientist to find a cure for the enslavement of La’hengrins. Endgame tells the story of Jax trying to free the planet of La’heng. I have loved reading about Jax’s adventures over the previous 5 books and I was intrigued to see how the final one would play out. Would Jax end up with Vel the bug like Ithtorian who has been her constant companion who never ever lets her down? Or would she end up with the warrior March who she has a passionate relationship with but who constantly lets her down and leaves her when she needs him the most? Would she free the people of La’heng and right her wrong of leaving Loras for dead? I hoped to get answers to all my questions as well as enjoying a thrilling ride along the way. Well I can say that I got the answers to my questions however the ride wasn’t so thrilling. I admit I did struggle with the book at the beginning of the story. I was so frustrated with Jax and March just going over the same old ground once again of they love each other but can’t be together. Oh get over it already, if you love each other as you say you do then you would stop at nothing to be together. But then the story started to develop and I started to get into it. Loras leads the La’heng Liberation Army in their war against the human rulers of the planet and in his army are Jax, Vel and Zeeka as well as lots of La'hengrin. We meet new characters and find out more about the people of La’heng. We get to see many battles over the years that the war is fought and it is this aspect which made me struggle further with the book. Yes some of the battles are exciting but for me it just went on and on and I got bored of it. There would be a fight then a few months would be skipped to a new fight and it just didn’t do it for me. In fact I’m sorry to say that I skimmed the last 50 pages just to hurry it up and get my answers. I also found Jax and her inner dialogue to keep rehashing the story. Something would happen then Jax would keep going over it reminding us what had just happened and it really annoyed me. As well as this I found inaccuracies in the plot and some spelling mistakes. I am disappointed with Endgame I was hoping for so much more. For me it was the weakest book in what was otherwise a tremendous series and I am going to give it 3 stars. I know other Jax fans out there who have loved it so I hope you do too.

2022-10-29 03:15


Grayson and Jesse are rugby playmates and now both best man for their friend Nolan. They all are invinted in the country manor of the father's bride and has to share a room together. Grayson is very attracted by his friend but he has never made a move cause he doesn't think Jesse could be interested. But he is wrong, cause also Jesse is gay, but he fears that coming out he will put in danger his and Grayson's career as professional rugby player. But a photographer is hiding among the guests and he has found a story a lot more interesting than some photos of a marriage. Grayson and Jesse are simple characters. Good friends, rough player, they don't have a gentle lovemaking: they are tought inside and outside the bedroom. And for they sex is the main reason, but sex with love could be forever. A short and smooth story, without much drama and not much good feelings: hell, it is or not a naughty nuptials story? http://elisa-rolle.livejournal.com/12...

2020-09-11 05:32


Vay. Ne güzel bir kitap. Ben sayfa 3 tarafından emilir oldu! (Şu anda 53. sayfadayım). Kristin Cashore çok yetenekli bir yazar. Ateş'in sadece onun ikinci kitabı olduğuna inanmak çok zor. Çok yetenekli bir hikaye anlatıcısı ve hikaye çok kolay akıyor. Karakterleri tanımlamak ve onlar hakkında bir şeyler ortaya çıkarmak (ya da tanımamak) için seçtiği kelimeler mükemmel. Graceling okumak çok zevkliydi ve eminim bu kitabın sonunda Ateş hakkında da aynı şeyi söyleyeceğim. Kitabı bitirdi: Hikayeyi seviyorum! Yazarın tüm karakterlere, küçük gibi görünen karakterlere bile nasıl bağlandığını gerçekten çok sevdim. Ne güzel bir hikaye!

2020-01-05 08:39

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